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Crieve Hall: The Hidden Gem of Nashville's Real Estate Market

Updated: Jun 1

Crieve Hall

Nestled in the southern part of the vibrant city of Nashville, Crieve Hall is a neighborhood that offers an enticing blend of suburban tranquility and big-city accessibility. Known for its leafy streets, well-kept mid-century homes, and strong sense of community, it's no wonder that Crieve Hall is a highly sought-after area for both families and young professionals.

Finding a home in this captivating neighborhood means gaining more than just a physical address; it's about becoming part of a community that values neighborly connection, safety, and a laid-back lifestyle. This guide will walk you through the ins and outs of the Crieve Hall housing market, and provide you with valuable insights to help you make an informed decision. From the architectural styles and average prices of homes, to the local schools, amenities, and unique neighborhood culture, you'll discover why so many people choose to call Crieve Hall their home.

So, whether you're a first-time homebuyer, a professional seeking a relaxed home base, or a family looking for the perfect place to put down roots, come explore with us as we delve into what makes Crieve Hall such an exceptional place to live in Nashville.

Crieve Hall Homes

Crieve Hall is a neighborhood steeped in mid-century charm, with the majority of its homes built in the mid-20th century, during the 1950s and 60s. These houses reflect the architectural styles that were popular at the time, including ranch-style homes and split-level designs. They are known for their generous plots of land, often with spacious backyards that offer plenty of room for children to play, or for adults to enjoy some outdoor relaxation.

The homes in Crieve Hall were mainly constructed by local builders who understood the Nashville climate and lifestyle. These builders put a premium on sturdy construction and functional design, which is why so many of these homes have stood the test of time, remaining attractive and comfortable places to live.

In terms of size, the homes in Crieve Hall can vary quite a bit, though they tend to be spacious, reflecting the suburban ideal of their era. The average square footage ranges from 1,500 to 3,000 square feet, making them suitable for both smaller families and those needing a bit more space. Many homes in the area feature three to four bedrooms and two to three bathrooms, accommodating various family sizes and lifestyles.

The types of homes you'll find in Crieve Hall are primarily single-family houses. Their mid-century designs often include large windows that let in plenty of natural light, hardwood floors, and open-concept layouts. Many homes have been updated over the years to include modern amenities and features, while still retaining their original charm and architectural details.

Crieve Hall is a substantial neighborhood, with around 2,000 homes. Its appeal lies in its quiet, tree-lined streets, the quality and character of its homes, and its strong sense of community. Whether you're seeking a lovingly preserved mid-century house, or a home that's been updated with the latest comforts, Crieve Hall has a wealth of options to explore.

Similar Nearby Neighborhoods

Nestled in the southern part of Nashville, Crieve Hall is surrounded by several neighborhoods that share its mid-century charm and suburban appeal.

Oak Hill

Just to the north, you'll find Oak Hill, an established neighborhood known for its large lots, mature trees, and predominantly single-family homes. Like Crieve Hall, Oak Hill is a quiet residential area with a rich history and a close-knit community. The houses here tend to be larger and more upscale, reflecting the neighborhood's prestige.

Green Hills

located to the west of Crieve Hall, is another neighborhood with a similar suburban feel, but it also boasts a lively commercial district. Green Hills is home to the upscale Mall at Green Hills, several high-end boutiques, and a range of dining options. The homes here are a mix of older mid-century houses and newer constructions, making it a versatile choice for home buyers.


To the east of Crieve Hall lies Brentwood, a city known for its beautiful parks, top-tier schools, and high-quality homes. Although Brentwood is a bit more upscale than Crieve Hall, it still offers that sought-after blend of suburban living with convenient city access. Its housing stock primarily consists of spacious single-family homes on large lots, perfect for those who value both space and privacy.


On the southern border of Crieve Hall, Nolensville offers a small-town vibe with a growing number of amenities. It has seen a recent boom in new construction, attracting families and professionals with its mix of suburban calm and modern conveniences. With its quality schools and family-friendly atmosphere, Nolensville is an appealing choice for those considering the broader Crieve Hall area.

In essence, the neighborhoods surrounding Crieve Hall all offer their own unique takes on Nashville's suburban lifestyle. Whether you're drawn to the prestige of Oak Hill, the vibrancy of Green Hills, the comfort of Brentwood, or the growth of Nolensville, there's a neighborhood to match your vision of home.

Restaurants and Dining

When it comes to dining options, Crieve Hall and its surrounding areas offer a smorgasbord of flavors to explore. From local eateries to international cuisine, residents have a wealth of culinary experiences right at their doorstep.

For a casual, family-friendly meal, McDougals Chicken is a neighborhood favorite. Known for their tasty chicken tenders and village fry baskets, this place offers comfort food at its best. For pizza lovers, Brixx Wood Fired Pizza is another excellent choice. They serve up a delicious variety of pies, with both classic and innovative toppings.

McDougals Chicken
McDougals Chicken

When it comes to international flavors, Vui's Kitchen offers fresh, vibrant Vietnamese food. Their pho, banh mi sandwiches, and rice bowls are highly rated and provide a healthier dining option. Another great choice for global cuisine is Cilantro Mexican Grill, a go-to spot for delicious tacos, burritos, and other Mexican fare.

If you're craving some classic Southern cuisine, you can't go wrong with Calypso Cafe. This local chain serves Caribbean-inspired dishes, with plenty of flavorful options like rotisserie chicken, black bean salad, and sweet potato fries. And let's not forget The Yellow Porch, a charming bistro offering Mediterranean-inspired dishes with a southern twist.

For a more upscale dining experience, head over to etc. This intimate restaurant is the sister establishment of the famed Etch restaurant in downtown Nashville. Their creative menu and sophisticated ambience make it a perfect spot for special occasions or a romantic night out.

And don’t forget the bounty of the Nashville Farmers Market, just a short drive from Crieve Hall. This culinary destination hosts a wide array of food vendors serving everything from Creole to Greek to Jamaican food, offering a global culinary tour in one location.

From comfort food to international cuisine to upscale dining, the culinary scene near Crieve Hall caters to every taste and occasion. The variety and quality of the dining options enhance the overall appeal of this beloved neighborhood, making living here a truly flavorful experience.

Shopping and Entertainment

One of the many advantages of living in Crieve Hall is the easy access to a multitude of shopping and entertainment options. Whether you're looking for a day of retail therapy or seeking some fun activities for the weekend, you'll find it all just a short drive away.

When it comes to shopping, the nearby Brentwood and Green Hills areas are host to a wide variety of retail offerings. The Mall at Green Hills is a particularly attractive spot for fashion enthusiasts, featuring an assortment of upscale stores like Nordstrom, Louis Vuitton, and Tiffany & Co., alongside popular brands such as Apple and Anthropologie. For more everyday shopping needs, the 100 Oaks Mall has a mixture of stores including a Target and numerous specialty shops.

If you're more into vintage and unique finds, the 8th Avenue Antique Mall is a treasure trove of retro clothing, furniture, and a variety of antiques. For local, artisanal goods, the Nashville Farmers Market offers more than just fresh produce, with a range of vendors selling handmade crafts, jewelry, and other specialty items.

For entertainment, there's no shortage of options either. Music lovers can revel in the live performances at the iconic Grand Ole Opry, or take in a show at the Ryman Auditorium in downtown Nashville, both just a short drive away.

The Grand Ole Opry
The Grand Ole Opry

For a more active outing, head over to Radnor Lake State Park, which offers stunning natural beauty and hiking trails of varying difficulties. It's a perfect spot for a family day out, a peaceful solo walk, or a leisurely picnic.

Crieve Hall residents also have easy access to Nashville Zoo at Grassmere, a wonderful place for family outings, with a wide range of animals to see and engaging exhibits to explore. For indoor fun, the Adventure Science Center provides interactive exhibits that make learning a joy for kids of all ages.

From shopping sprees to outdoor adventures to memorable musical nights, the Crieve Hall area really does have it all. Whatever your interests and hobbies, there's always something to keep you entertained in and around this inviting neighborhood.

Parks and Nature

One of the appealing aspects of life in Crieve Hall is its proximity to some of Nashville's most beautiful parks and nature spots. From green spaces perfect for picnics to natural reserves offering hiking trails, there are numerous options to explore and enjoy the outdoors.

One of the most notable nearby green spaces is Radnor Lake State Park, just a few miles from Crieve Hall. This 1,368-acre park is a natural oasis in the midst of the city's hustle and bustle. Whether you're a keen hiker or just looking for a tranquil spot to birdwatch or have a picnic, Radnor Lake offers a multitude of outdoor experiences. With miles of trails winding through lush forests and around the scenic lake, it's a haven for nature lovers.

Radnor Lake State Park
Radnor Lake State Park

For a different kind of park experience, the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere combines outdoor fun with educational experiences. It's not just about viewing the animals; the zoo also offers interactive exhibits and a range of activities that make it a great day out for the whole family.

Edwin and Percy Warner Parks, collectively known as "The Warner Parks," are also located relatively close to Crieve Hall. These parks cover over 3,000 acres and are a major part of Nashville's park system. They provide an extensive network of trails for hiking, horseback riding, and even a few for mountain biking. Additionally, the parks' Nature Center offers various educational programs and exhibits about local flora and fauna.

Within Crieve Hall itself, Whitfield Park offers a playground, sports field, and plenty of green space for a local outdoor outing. Its simplicity and community feel make it a favorite among Crieve Hall residents for a quick walk or a casual weekend picnic.

These parks and nature areas are not only a key part of the local lifestyle in Crieve Hall, but they also contribute significantly to the overall appeal of the neighborhood. For those who value outdoor activity and the beauty of nature, living in Crieve Hall offers easy access to some of the city's most beautiful and cherished green spaces.

Private and Public Schools

When it comes to education, families in Crieve Hall have access to a range of both public and private schools that cater to various learning styles and academic needs.

Starting with public schools, the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools district serves Crieve Hall. Among the well-regarded schools in the district is Granbery Elementary School, which is known for its strong academic performance and committed teachers. The nearby John T. Moore Middle School is also part of the district and is appreciated for its diverse curriculum and dedication to creating a nurturing learning environment.

For high school, students often attend Hillsboro High School, which offers a comprehensive academic program, along with various sports and extracurricular activities. The school's International Baccalaureate (IB) program is particularly noteworthy, providing a rigorous, globally focused course of study.

In terms of private education, there are several options near Crieve Hall. Brentwood Academy is a Christian-based, co-educational independent school serving grades 6-12. It has a strong academic reputation and a wide range of athletic and arts programs.

St. Paul Christian Academy is another excellent private school, offering kindergarten through 6th grade. Known for its individualized approach to learning, St. Paul encourages each student to realize their unique potential.

Lipscomb Academy is also nearby and provides education from Pre-K through to high school. Affiliated with Lipscomb University, the academy benefits from many resources typically associated with higher education institutions and has a robust program in academics, arts, and athletics.

Choosing the right school is a crucial factor when relocating, and Crieve Hall offers a plethora of excellent options. Whether you're looking for a strong public school or a private institution, the area around Crieve Hall has a variety of schools dedicated to providing high-quality education for every student.

Airport and Transportation

One of the conveniences of living in Crieve Hall is the relative ease of travel, both locally and farther afield. From public transit to air travel, residents have several options for getting around and reaching their destinations.

Starting with air travel, Nashville International Airport (BNA) is the nearest airport to Crieve Hall. It's located approximately 15 miles to the northeast, which translates to about a 20-minute drive without heavy traffic. BNA offers a multitude of flight routes, both domestic and international, making it convenient for business travel or family vacations. It's also continually expanding and updating its facilities, reflecting Nashville's growing status as a major city.

When it comes to local transportation, the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) provides bus services throughout Nashville. There are several bus lines that pass near Crieve Hall, providing links to downtown Nashville and other parts of the city. The bus service is a cost-effective and eco-friendly option for daily commuting or occasional trips around town.

For those who prefer to drive, Crieve Hall enjoys easy access to major roads and highways, including I-65, making it relatively straightforward to navigate the broader Nashville area. The neighborhood's location in the southern part of the city allows for relatively quick trips to downtown, the airport, and other key locations in the city.

Crieve Hall residents also have access to several ride-sharing services, like Uber and Lyft, for added convenience. Whether it's a ride to the airport or a trip downtown for a night out, these services provide another transport option right at your fingertips.

All in all, living in Crieve Hall means having a variety of transportation options that make commuting, running errands, and traveling beyond the city limits both convenient and straightforward.

Business and Industry

In terms of business and industry, Crieve Hall is strategically situated near some of the most significant commercial centers in Nashville, contributing to the area's overall economic vitality. Whether you're a professional seeking employment opportunities or an entrepreneur considering a new venture, the thriving business landscape near Crieve Hall is a boon.

The healthcare industry is one of the leading sectors in Nashville, and Crieve Hall is conveniently located near some of the city's top hospitals and healthcare providers. Notably, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, one of the largest academic medical centers in the Southeast, is only a short drive away. Additionally, the HCA Healthcare headquarters, an industry-leading network of hospitals and care facilities, is also nearby.

Besides healthcare, the music and entertainment industry is another major economic driver in Nashville. Just a few miles north of Crieve Hall, the vibrant downtown area is home to record labels, publishing companies, and countless music venues. For professionals in the music industry or creative fields, living in Crieve Hall means being near the heart of "Music City."

Crieve Hall is also in proximity to several business districts, such as Brentwood and Cool Springs, which host a variety of companies across sectors like finance, technology, and professional services. Some notable corporations include Nissan North America, Tractor Supply Company, and Mars Petcare.

Furthermore, Nashville's push towards tech and start-ups has been growing steadily. This entrepreneurial spirit extends to shared working spaces like WeWork, offering flexible work options and fostering a community of innovation and collaboration.

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness are an integral part of life, and living in Crieve Hall means having an array of options at your fingertips. From medical facilities to fitness centers and outdoor activities, there are plenty of opportunities to prioritize your health and well-being in and around this vibrant Nashville neighborhood.

Crieve Hall is well-served in terms of medical facilities. Nearby, you'll find the Southern Hills Medical Center, a full-service hospital that provides a broad spectrum of healthcare services, from emergency care to specialized treatments. Moreover, the esteemed Vanderbilt University Medical Center, one of the region's top healthcare institutions, is just a short drive away.

For those who enjoy staying active, there are numerous fitness centers and studios in the vicinity. Orange Theory Fitness and Planet Fitness offer a variety of workout options, from group classes to solo strength training. If you prefer a more specialized fitness routine, the nearby Hot Yoga Plus and Pure Barre studios offer a range of classes to suit different fitness levels and preferences.

If outdoor fitness is more your style, the numerous parks in and around Crieve Hall provide ample opportunities. Radnor Lake State Park, with its extensive network of trails, is perfect for hiking, walking, or running. Similarly, the Warner Parks offer trails for mountain biking and horseback riding, in addition to hiking and walking paths.

Wellness isn't just about physical health; it's also about mental and emotional well-being. For those seeking holistic wellness options, there are several wellness centers and spas near Crieve Hall, such as the O.liv Body Bar, which offers a range of services, including massages, facials, and body treatments.

For healthy eating options, there are numerous organic and health food stores in the area, such as Trader Joe's and Whole Foods Market. In addition, the Nashville Farmers Market is a great spot to find locally grown, fresh produce, supporting both your health and the local farming community.

With a wide array of health and wellness options, residents of Crieve Hall have the resources to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Whether it's medical services, fitness facilities, outdoor activities, or wholesome food options, this Nashville neighborhood truly supports the well-being of its community.

Hotels and Lodging

For visitors or those looking for a staycation in the Nashville area, Crieve Hall and its surroundings offer a range of lodging options to suit different preferences and budgets. From hotels with modern amenities to cozy bed and breakfasts, there's something for everyone.

If you prefer the convenience and amenities of a hotel, there are several options near Crieve Hall. The Brentwood Suites Hotel is located just a short drive away and offers comfortable rooms, complimentary breakfast, and a fitness center. It's a great choice for both business travelers and those looking to explore the area.

Another nearby option is the Courtyard by Marriott Nashville Green Hills, which offers spacious rooms, a fitness center, and an outdoor pool. Its location in the upscale Green Hills neighborhood provides easy access to shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

For those who appreciate the charm of bed and breakfasts, the Brentwood Bed and Breakfast is a delightful option. Located in the heart of Brentwood, it offers cozy rooms, personalized service, and a home-like atmosphere. It's the perfect choice for a romantic getaway or a relaxing retreat.

If you're seeking a more unique and boutique experience, consider staying at the Mint House at Village Row, located in nearby Hillsboro Village. This upscale property offers spacious, fully furnished apartments with modern amenities, providing a comfortable home-away-from-home experience.

For a taste of luxury, the Hutton Hotel in downtown Nashville is an excellent choice. With its sophisticated design, luxurious rooms, and on-site dining options, it's ideal for those looking to indulge in a high-end experience.

Hutton Hotel
Hutton Hotel

Whether you prefer the convenience of a hotel or the personal touch of a bed and breakfast, the lodging options near Crieve Hall ensure that visitors have a comfortable and memorable stay. From cozy and intimate to modern and luxurious, there's something to suit every traveler's preferences and make their Nashville experience truly special.

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