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Fiddlers Glen: A Symphony of Home Buying Opportunities in Arrington

Updated: Jun 27

Welcome, prospective homeowners! If you're dreaming of finding a home that perfectly blends community charm, music heritage, and Southern hospitality, then Fiddlers Glen in Arrington, Tennessee, might just be your ideal destination. Situated in the heart of the vibrant Music City, Fiddlers Glen is not just a residential area—it's a harmonious lifestyle offering a unique blend of historic charm, modern comforts, and tight-knit community vibes.

In this article, we'll be your friendly guides to this captivating corner of Arrington. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, looking to relocate, or perhaps seeking an exciting new investment opportunity, we'll walk you through the essential aspects of finding and securing your dream home in Fiddlers Glen.

As we explore the neighborhood's parks, schools, local businesses, and, of course, the array of available homes, you'll understand why Fiddlers Glen is a crescendo of all things Arrington. Prepare to discover a diverse range of architectural styles, from classic Southern designs to contemporary builds, all harmoniously blending to create a community that’s as visually appealing as it is welcoming.

Finding a home is about more than just square footage and the number of bedrooms—it's about finding a place that resonates with your lifestyle and values. And that’s what Fiddlers Glen has to offer. So let's hit the right notes and dive into the heart of this unique Arrington neighborhood together.

Fiddlers Glen Homes

A fascinating mix of history and modernity, the homes in Fiddlers Glen represent a broad spectrum of architectural styles and periods. Many of the residences in this community have a distinct history, dating back to the early to mid-20th century, while others were built during the residential boom of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. This historic charm combined with modern comforts provides a fascinating glimpse into Arrington's architectural evolution.

These homes were built by a variety of architects and construction companies, each bringing their unique approach to the Southern living style. From the traditional craftsmen who followed century-old building methods to the innovative architects designing for the future, the homes in Fiddlers Glen are a testament to the diversity and craftsmanship of these builders.

In terms of square footage, the average size of homes in Fiddlers Glen varies widely, accommodating a range of lifestyle needs. On average, homes tend to fall between 2,000 to 4,000 square feet, offering ample space for both comfort and functionality. Whether you are a budding family in need of extra bedrooms or a couple seeking a cozy retreat, there's a home here that fits your requirements.

The predominant type of homes in Fiddlers Glen are single-family dwellings, many of which boast charming features like expansive porches, large backyards, and open floor plans. These homes have been designed with a focus on community and family life, yet offer the privacy and space that modern homeowners desire. You'll also find a sprinkling of townhomes and condominiums catering to those seeking low-maintenance living in this dynamic locale.

In total, the Fiddlers Glen neighborhood encompasses several hundred homes, creating a substantial but close-knit community. Despite its size, the neighborhood maintains a warm, welcoming atmosphere, thanks to the friendly residents who call Fiddlers Glen home. This blend of a bustling community within a peaceful, suburban setting is one of the many attributes that make this Arrington enclave so appealing.

Similar Nearby Neighborhoods

Beyond Fiddlers Glen, Arrington, TN, a number of neighboring communities also offer their unique charm and lifestyle opportunities. In the heart of Arrington, each neighborhood presents its own personality, culture, and community vibes, giving potential homeowners a variety of options to find their perfect fit.

Immediately adjacent to Fiddlers Glen is the inviting neighborhood of Bluegrass Estates. Like Fiddlers Glen, this area features a mix of historic and newer homes. The community is known for its family-friendly atmosphere, with a multitude of parks and excellent schools. Its close proximity to downtown Arrington also means residents enjoy easy access to all the city’s amenities while residing in a quieter, suburban setting.

On the other side, you'll find the vibrant neighborhood of Meadow Creek. This community is a bit more urban, with an eclectic mix of townhouses, condos, and single-family homes. Meadow Creek has a lively, youthful energy and is home to several boutique shops, trendy restaurants, and music venues. It’s a fantastic choice for those who want a little more city buzz in their day-to-day lives.

Closer to the heart of downtown Arrington is the upscale community of Brentwood. Known for its sprawling estates and well-manicured lawns, Brentwood offers luxury living in a serene environment. The neighborhood is also a hub for local businesses, with numerous shopping centers, upscale dining options, and a vibrant nightlife scene. If it’s luxury you’re seeking, Brentwood might be the perfect fit.

Lastly, nestled to the northwest of Fiddlers Glen is the charming community of Riverwalk. Here, you'll find a mix of single-family homes and townhouses, many with stunning views of the nearby Cumberland River. Riverwalk is an active, outdoor-loving community with easy access to green spaces and recreational trails, making it an ideal location for those who enjoy a more active lifestyle.

These neighborhoods, each with their own unique charm and characteristics, add to the rich tapestry of Arrington's residential landscape. Whether it's the family-friendly vibe of Bluegrass Estates, the urban buzz of Meadow Creek, the luxury of Brentwood, or the natural beauty of Riverwalk, you're sure to find a community that feels like home.

Restaurants and Dining

If there's one thing Arrington knows how to do as well as music, it's food. In and around Fiddlers Glen, you'll find a diverse array of dining options, catering to every taste and craving. Here, Southern hospitality meets culinary innovation, and the result is a food scene as diverse and dynamic as Arrington itself.

For an authentic taste of Southern comfort food, you don't need to look any further than Betty's Southern Bistro. Nestled just a short drive from Fiddlers Glen, this family-owned gem serves up classics like fried chicken, cornbread, and collard greens. And let's not forget about their mouth-watering biscuits and gravy—a staple for any Southern breakfast.

Betty's Southern Bistro
Betty's Southern Bistro

If you're a fan of international cuisine, then Zara's Mediterranean Kitchen is a must-visit. The fragrant spices and warm pita bread transport you directly to a Greek taverna. Whether you're tucking into a plate of their renowned lamb gyros or savoring a dish of creamy hummus, you're in for a treat.

No food tour of Arrington would be complete without mentioning BBQ, and in this area, Smoky Joe's Barbecue reigns supreme. Their slow-cooked ribs and pulled pork sandwiches are the stuff of legend, but the real star might just be their signature BBQ sauce—a sweet and tangy concoction that's the perfect blend of flavors.

In the mood for some fine dining? Just a stone's throw from Fiddlers Glen, you'll find the acclaimed Tarragon's Restaurant. This upscale establishment is known for its innovative approach to American cuisine, offering a seasonally changing menu that showcases locally sourced ingredients. With its elegant atmosphere and a wine list that rivals any in the city, Tarragon's is perfect for special occasions or a romantic night out.

And for all the sushi lovers out there, don't worry—Arrington has you covered. Check out Sakura Sushi & Grill, renowned for its fresh, vibrant sushi rolls and warm sake. It's the perfect place to satisfy any seafood craving.

In Arrington, the culinary scene is as vibrant and diverse as the music, and the area around Fiddlers Glen is no exception. There's a delightful dining experience waiting around every corner, each offering a unique taste of what this great city has to offer.

Shopping and Entertainment

Arrington's reputation as a dynamic hub for music, culture, and shopping is well-deserved, and living in Fiddlers Glen gives you prime access to all the excitement. Here, entertainment and shopping aren't just activities—they're part of the lifestyle.

Just a short drive from Fiddlers Glen lies the vibrant downtown area, which is bursting with music and culture. Known as the heart of the country music scene, it's home to the famous Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame. Here, you can immerse yourself in the rich history of American music, or better yet, catch a live performance by some of today's hottest country stars.

For the theatre enthusiasts, don't miss out on a visit to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. The venue hosts a variety of performances, including Broadway plays, ballet, and local theater productions, ensuring there's always something captivating on the playbill.

If you're a movie buff, the Belcourt Theatre is a must-visit. This historic movie theater showcases an array of films from independent and world cinema, and it also hosts various film festivals throughout the year. It's the perfect place for a unique movie-going experience.

Shopping near Fiddlers Glen is equally enticing. The Opry Mills Mall is a paradise for shopaholics, with over 200 retail stores ranging from fashion, home décor, electronics, and more. For a more boutique shopping experience, head over to Hillsboro Village, where you'll find a delightful assortment of local shops, antique stores, and art galleries.

If you're in the mood for some fresh produce or locally crafted goods, make sure to check out the Nashville Farmers' Market. Open year-round, the market features a bounty of local produce, artisan cheeses, baked goods, and handmade crafts.

Whether you're looking to spend a day immersed in music history, seeking a unique theater experience, planning a shopping spree, or just wandering through a local market, the area around Fiddlers Glen offers an array of options that will keep you entertained and satisfied.

Parks and Nature

Arrington isn't just about the music and food—it's also a city that knows how to embrace the great outdoors. For residents of Fiddlers Glen, the city's abundant parks and natural spaces offer plenty of opportunities to bask in Tennessee's beautiful scenery and enjoy outdoor activities.

Just a stone's throw away from Fiddlers Glen is the expansive Centennial Park. This 132-acre park is a local favorite, home to the iconic Parthenon replica, a beautiful lake, and a host of walking trails. Whether you're looking to have a peaceful picnic, take a leisurely stroll, or engage in a friendly game of frisbee, Centennial Park offers something for everyone.

If you're into hiking and birdwatching, then a visit to the nearby Radnor Lake State Park is a must. Known for its tranquility and abundance of wildlife, this park boasts six miles of trail where you can spot everything from deer to owls. Remember to bring your camera along; the views of the lake, particularly at sunrise or sunset, are simply breathtaking.

For those with green thumbs, the Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art is an oasis of natural beauty. This 55-acre estate features numerous themed gardens, including a Japanese Garden and an award-winning wildflower garden. The estate also houses an art museum, making it a perfect blend of culture and nature.

For family outings, the nearby Shelby Park is a winner. With its playgrounds, sports fields, and picnic areas, it's a great place to let the kids run free. Don't miss out on the Shelby Bottoms Greenway, a fantastic trail for biking or jogging that meanders through lush forests and by the scenic Cumberland River.

For a change of pace, consider a paddle down the Harpeth River. Several companies offer canoe and kayak rentals for a peaceful day on the water, and it's a fantastic way to explore the local landscape.

The options for enjoying nature near Fiddlers Glen are plentiful. Whether you're a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or just enjoy a quiet read in a beautiful park, Arrington's green spaces offer a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Private and Public Schools

For families considering a move to Fiddlers Glen, rest assured that Arrington is home to a broad range of educational options, both public and private, that cater to diverse learning needs and philosophies.

The public schools in and around Fiddlers Glen are part of the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools district, one of the largest school districts in Tennessee. These include the highly-rated Percy Priest Elementary and Hillsboro High School, known for their robust academic programs and dedicated faculty. The district also offers several magnet schools, which provide specialized curricula in areas like science, arts, and foreign languages.

In terms of middle schools, John T. Moore Middle School is a standout option. They offer an advanced academic curriculum and a host of extracurricular activities, including a thriving sports program and a highly regarded music program, fitting given Arrington's musical heritage.

Arrington's private school scene is equally diverse. The Ensworth School, a prestigious independent school, is just a short drive from Fiddlers Glen. Ensworth offers a comprehensive K-12 program that emphasizes experiential learning and character development. It also boasts top-tier athletic and arts facilities.

Another great private school option is the University School of Nashville. This K-12 institution prides itself on its progressive educational approach, fostering a love of learning and community engagement in its students. They offer an extensive arts program, competitive athletics, and a comprehensive curriculum that encourages critical thinking and creativity.

Harpeth Hall School, an all-girls college-preparatory school, is also nearby. They're renowned for their emphasis on leadership development, academic excellence, and empowering young women to become confident, capable individuals.

In and around Fiddlers Glen, parents have a multitude of educational options for their children. Each school brings its own unique approach and philosophy, ensuring that all families can find an educational fit that aligns with their values and aspirations for their children.

Airport and Transportation

When it comes to getting around Arrington or even traveling beyond, Fiddlers Glen offers convenient access to a variety of transportation options. Whether you're jetting off on a business trip or just heading into downtown for an evening concert, navigating the area is surprisingly simple.

The Nashville International Airport, a major air travel hub, is only about a 20-minute drive from Fiddlers Glen, making it incredibly accessible for frequent flyers. The airport offers non-stop flights to numerous national and international destinations, so whether your travel plans involve business meetings in New York or a vacation in Europe, you're well-connected.

In terms of local transportation, Arrington's public bus service, operated by WeGo Public Transit, is a reliable option. The system is extensive, with routes covering most parts of the city, and there are bus stops conveniently located near Fiddlers Glen. If you're commuting to downtown or looking to explore different neighborhoods without the hassle of parking, the bus service is an economical and environmentally-friendly choice.

Another popular transportation option in Arrington is the Music City Star, a commuter rail service connecting Arrington's outlying suburbs with the downtown area. Though the nearest station might be a short drive from Fiddlers Glen, it can be a convenient option, especially during the peak commuting hours when the roads are most congested.

For those who prefer biking, Arrington has made significant strides in becoming a more bike-friendly city. There are dedicated bike lanes on many major roads and a number of greenways perfect for a leisurely ride. Additionally, the city has a bike share program, B-cycle, with numerous docking stations where you can rent a bike for a quick trip or a full day of exploration.

With all these options at your fingertips, getting around Arrington and beyond from Fiddlers Glen is as easy as strumming a guitar. Whether by air, bus, train, or bike, you'll find the journey almost as enjoyable as the destination.

Business and Industry

Fiddlers Glen's location in Arrington places it at the epicenter of a dynamic and thriving economic landscape. The city of Arrington is well-known as a hub for various industries, providing a diverse range of job opportunities and business ventures close to home.

First and foremost, Arrington's moniker as "Music City" underlines its status as a global center for music production and performance. Some of the world's most renowned record labels, such as Universal Music Group and Sony Music, have offices here. Also, institutions like the Country Music Television (CMT) and the Country Music Association are headquartered in the city, leading to numerous opportunities in the music and entertainment industry.

Beyond music, Arrington is home to a robust healthcare industry, with more than 250 health care companies based in the region, including giants like HCA Healthcare, Change Healthcare, and Community Health Systems. Opportunities in healthcare administration, technology, and clinical services are plentiful.

The city is also making strides in the tech sector. From innovative startups to established tech companies setting up shop, Arrington's tech scene is flourishing. The influx of tech talent into the city has given rise to co-working spaces and accelerators, fostering a collaborative and dynamic tech environment.

Additionally, Arrington has a substantial higher education sector. With over 20 universities and colleges in the region, including the prestigious Vanderbilt University, opportunities in academia, research, and administrative roles are abundant.

Let's not forget the vibrant tourism industry, fueled by Arrington's rich history, music scene, and southern hospitality. From hospitality roles in hotels and restaurants to jobs at historical sites and music venues, the tourism industry offers a plethora of opportunities.

In essence, Fiddlers Glen's strategic location in Arrington opens up a myriad of professional possibilities across a range of thriving industries. Whether you're a healthcare professional, a tech enthusiast, an academic, or an aspiring musician, you're sure to find an industry that suits your career aspirations.

Health and Wellness

Residents of Fiddlers Glen have an abundance of health and wellness options at their disposal, right in the heart of Arrington. From state-of-the-art medical facilities to a variety of fitness and wellness centers, there's no shortage of resources to support a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The Arrington area is renowned for its high-quality healthcare facilities. The Vanderbilt University Medical Center, just a short drive from Fiddlers Glen, is a nationally recognized hospital known for its cutting-edge medical research and exceptional patient care across a wide range of specialties. Meanwhile, TriStar Centennial Medical Center is another well-regarded healthcare institution in the area, offering comprehensive services from heart care to orthopedics.

For everyday wellness needs, there are numerous fitness centers and gyms in the vicinity. Whether you're a yoga enthusiast, a CrossFit devotee, or just enjoy a good cardio workout, you'll find a fitness center that suits your style. Arrington's YMCA branches offer a wide array of fitness programs, as well as community-oriented health and wellness events. For those who prefer a boutique fitness experience, studios like TITLE Boxing Club and Pure Barre offer specialized classes.

Arrington is also rich in outdoor recreational opportunities, which are great for both physical health and mental well-being. With numerous parks, greenways, and bike trails, staying active in the great outdoors is a pleasure. The nearby Percy Warner Park is a favorite for its scenic hiking trails and beautiful picnic spots, making it a great place to blend fitness and relaxation.

For holistic wellness, you'll find a variety of options in the city too. Several wellness spas and studios offer services like massage therapy, acupuncture, and wellness coaching. Places like the Salt and Soles salt room and wellness center offer unique therapies to help boost relaxation and overall wellness.

In essence, Fiddlers Glen's proximity to Arrington means that you have a wealth of resources to support your health and wellness journey. With top-notch medical care, diverse fitness options, and a host of holistic wellness services, maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle is effortlessly within reach.

Hotels and Lodging

Arrington, being a vibrant tourist destination, offers a plethora of accommodation options near Fiddlers Glen, catering to various tastes and preferences. Whether you're visiting the city for a weekend getaway, attending a music festival, or exploring the local attractions, you'll find a range of hotels, lodges, and charming bed and breakfasts to suit your needs.

For a taste of luxury and Southern hospitality, look no further than the elegant hotels in downtown Arrington. The Hermitage Hotel, a historic landmark, offers timeless grandeur and impeccable service. Its luxurious rooms and suites are complemented by an award-winning restaurant and a cozy, sophisticated bar. Another upscale option is the Omni Nashville Hotel, boasting stylish accommodations, multiple dining options, and a rooftop pool with breathtaking city views.

If you're seeking a more boutique experience, Arrington's bed and breakfasts are sure to charm you. The Daisy Hill Bed and Breakfast, located in the nearby Germantown neighborhood, exudes warmth and character. This Victorian-style house offers beautifully appointed rooms, personalized service, and a delightful homemade breakfast. Similarly, the Germantown Inn, housed in a renovated 19th-century building, offers a charming blend of historic ambiance and modern comfort, along with easy access to Arrington's vibrant downtown.

For those who prefer the convenience of a hotel but with a more casual atmosphere, there are plenty of contemporary options to choose from. The Hampton Inn & Suites Arrington-Green Hills, located near the popular Green Hills shopping district, offers comfortable accommodations, complimentary breakfast, and a welcoming atmosphere. Another popular choice is the Hilton Garden Inn Nashville Vanderbilt, situated near the university area and offering modern amenities and a convenient location for exploring the city.

No matter your preference or budget, Arrington's lodging options near Fiddlers Glen ensure a comfortable and memorable stay, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the city's vibrant culture and exciting attractions.

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