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Relocating to Fairview, TN: How to Find Your Perfect Home

Updated: Jun 1

Relocating to Fairview, TN: How to Find Your Perfect Home

Today, we are embarking on a virtual journey to the charming town of Fairview, Tennessee. Nestled in the rolling hills of Williamson County, Fairview offers the perfect blend of small-town charm and easy access to the bustling city life of Nashville, just a short drive away. With its lush green parks, friendly community, and quality schools, it's no wonder that more and more people are considering calling Fairview home.

In this blog post, we'll explore everything you need to know about moving to Fairview, TN. From its rich history and culture to the local weather and dining scene, we'll give you a comprehensive overview of life in this charming town. And, most importantly, we'll provide you with valuable insights and tips to navigate the local real estate market, helping you find the perfect place to call home in Fairview. Whether you're seeking a modern apartment, a family-friendly suburb, or a spacious property with plenty of outdoor space, Fairview has a variety of housing options to suit diverse lifestyles and budgets.

So, whether you're a first-time home buyer, a family seeking a fresh start, or simply looking for a change of scenery, join us as we uncover the unique appeal of Fairview, TN. There's no time like the present to begin the exciting journey to your new home!

Housing Market

The Fairview, TN housing market is characterized by its diverse range of properties and its relatively affordable prices compared to some of the other areas in Williamson County. It offers a mix of suburban residential properties, countryside homes, and even larger estates, providing options for a wide array of homebuyers.

Fairview’s single-family homes dominate the real estate scene, with styles ranging from traditional to contemporary. You'll find neighborhoods featuring spacious, modern homes, alongside pockets of charming older homes that are rich with character. It's not uncommon to find properties with sizable yards, which is a real draw for those seeking outdoor space for recreation or gardening.

For those interested in country living, there are options on the outskirts of town that offer larger acreage. These properties provide residents with the chance to enjoy a more rural lifestyle, surrounded by the natural beauty of the area, while still being within easy commuting distance to Nashville.

If you're looking at new construction, you're in luck. Fairview has been experiencing a surge in development, with new subdivisions and homes cropping up. These new constructions often offer modern amenities and features, such as open floor plans, energy-efficient designs, and advanced home technology.

While Fairview has a reputation for affordability within Williamson County, it's important to note that home prices have been steadily increasing due to demand and the overall growth in the Nashville metro area. Nevertheless, the cost of housing here is still generally lower than in larger cities and towns in the county, making it an attractive option for many families, first-time homebuyers, or retirees.

The rental market in Fairview also offers a variety of options, from apartments to single-family homes. So, whether you're looking to buy or rent, Fairview's housing market caters to a broad spectrum of needs and budgets.

Nearby Cities

Fairview is conveniently located in close proximity to several vibrant cities, each with its unique lifestyle, housing market, and attractions.

To start, there's Brentwood, a flourishing city known for its upscale suburban lifestyle. Brentwood's housing market is one of the most sought-after in the region, with a blend of luxury homes, expansive estates, and beautiful residential neighborhoods. The city also boasts top-rated schools, upscale shopping, and a range of recreational amenities, making it a popular choice for families.

Just north of Brentwood lies Nashville, the state capital and the heart of the country music industry. The city's housing market is diverse, with offerings ranging from chic downtown condos to historic single-family homes. Nashville's bustling lifestyle, rich cultural scene, and abundant career opportunities in various industries make it an exciting place to live, especially for young professionals and music enthusiasts.

Franklin, to the east of Fairview, is another rapidly growing city. Known for its historic charm combined with modern amenities, Franklin's housing market includes beautifully preserved historic homes, contemporary suburban developments, and charming townhouses. With its vibrant downtown, quality schools, and a wealth of shopping and dining options, Franklin offers a well-rounded lifestyle that appeals to both families and individuals.

Further south of Fairview, you'll find Dickson, which offers a more rural living experience. With a housing market characterized by affordable single-family homes, farms, and ranch-style properties, Dickson could be a perfect fit for those seeking a slower-paced lifestyle amidst nature. The city also offers a charming downtown area with local businesses, and its location near the I-40 makes commuting to Nashville relatively easy.

Each of these cities adjacent to Fairview presents a unique set of lifestyle options, housing market characteristics, and amenities. It's worth exploring these areas to fully understand the variety and potential they offer, whether you're looking to move to the region or invest in the local housing market.

Top Neighborhoods

In Fairview, you'll find several neighborhoods that are popular for their unique charm, community spirit, and quality of life.

One of the top neighborhoods in Fairview is the Bowie Park neighborhood, which surrounds the expansive Bowie Nature Park. This area is ideal for those who love outdoor recreation, as residents have direct access to the park's 700 acres of trails, lakes, and picnic areas. Homes in this neighborhood range from older, established properties to new constructions, all characterized by spacious yards and a tranquil, nature-infused setting.

Another desirable neighborhood is the Castleberry Farms subdivision. This community features newer homes with modern amenities, and many properties here offer large lots, providing a semi-rural feel while still being close to Fairview's amenities. It's a family-friendly neighborhood, with its quiet streets and close proximity to quality schools.

Loblolly Estates, known for its scenic beauty and quiet surroundings, is another notable neighborhood. This well-established community features spacious homes set on large lots, often with mature trees and landscaped yards. It's not uncommon to find homes here with features like large decks and outdoor entertaining areas that take advantage of the beautiful surroundings.

Kingston Estates is also worth mentioning, particularly for families. It's a tight-knit community with a mix of older and newer homes. The neighborhood has a reputation for being safe and friendly, and it's conveniently located near schools, shopping, and other amenities.

Deervalley Downs is another neighborhood that attracts many families. This community offers a range of homes, from modest single-story houses to larger two-story homes. The neighborhood is close to Fairview High School, making it convenient for families with older children.

Each of these neighborhoods offers a distinct lifestyle and a variety of housing options, making Fairview a versatile choice for individuals and families looking to settle in this charming Tennessee town.

Top Condos & Townhomes

While Fairview, TN is known for its single-family homes and spacious rural properties, the town also has a selection of condo and townhome communities that provide residents with a low-maintenance lifestyle and some appealing community amenities.

One of the most notable condominium communities in Fairview is the Loblolly Pines. This community is a great fit for those seeking a peaceful residential setting, coupled with the convenience of condo living. Units in Loblolly Pines are spacious, many featuring updated interiors, private patios or balconies, and access to the community's shared green spaces.

Another standout is the Fairview Station community, which offers townhome-style living. These modern units often feature open-concept floor plans, private garages, and outdoor spaces. The community is located close to Fairview's town center, making it convenient for dining, shopping, and other amenities.

The Williamson County area, including Fairview, has been experiencing a trend toward developing more mixed-use spaces, with residential units located above or adjacent to commercial spaces. While this trend is just beginning to make its way into Fairview, it's worth keeping an eye on future developments that may provide more condo or townhome living options within walking distance of shops, restaurants, and entertainment.

Keep in mind that while the condo and townhome market in Fairview may not be as extensive as in larger cities, these communities offer a different style of living that can be ideal for certain buyers. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, looking to downsize, or seeking a low-maintenance living option, the condo and townhome communities in Fairview are worth considering.

Cost of Living

When considering a move to Fairview, TN, understanding the cost of living is an important factor. The cost of living is how much money you need to sustain a certain lifestyle in a given area. This typically includes the costs of housing, food, utilities, transportation, healthcare, and taxes.

Generally, Fairview, as well as Tennessee as a whole, offers a cost of living that's lower than the national average. Housing costs are a significant component of this, and although home prices in Fairview have been rising due to demand, they remain more affordable compared to many metropolitan areas across the country.

When comparing Fairview to other cities within the Nashville metropolitan area, it's clear that Fairview offers competitive affordability. Cities like Nashville and Brentwood have seen significant increases in home prices and rents in recent years, which makes Fairview an appealing option for those seeking lower housing costs without sacrificing the benefits of living near a major city.

Groceries, healthcare, and utilities in Fairview also tend to be less expensive than the national average. Tennessee's state sales tax is higher than the national average, but this is offset by the fact that Tennessee does not levy a state income tax, which can lead to overall tax savings for residents.

Transportation costs, such as gasoline and auto insurance, are generally in line with or slightly lower than national averages. However, given Fairview's somewhat rural nature, having a personal vehicle is often necessary for getting around, so this should be factored into the cost of living calculation.

Fairview represents a balance of affordability and quality of life, especially when compared to larger metropolitan areas and other parts of Williamson County. It offers a small-town living experience with the added benefit of being near the amenities and job opportunities of a larger city.

Restaurants and Dining

Fairview, TN, might be a small town, but it's certainly not lacking when it comes to tasty dining options. With a selection of restaurants serving a variety of cuisines, residents and visitors alike can find something to satisfy their palates.

One popular spot is the Country Cafe. Known for its southern-style cooking, this cozy eatery offers a variety of comfort food favorites. From hearty breakfast plates to homemade meat-and-threes for lunch, the Country Cafe serves up generous portions that will make you feel right at home.

For a delicious Mexican meal, you can head over to Dos Margaritas. This vibrant restaurant offers a wide selection of Mexican classics, like tacos, enchiladas, and chiles rellenos. And, as the name implies, they serve up a variety of flavorful margaritas that are the perfect complement to their food.

If you're in the mood for pizza, Snappy's Pizza is a must-try. This local favorite dishes up hand-tossed pizzas loaded with fresh toppings. They also offer a selection of subs, pasta, and salads, giving plenty of options for everyone in the family.

The Fairview Diner is another great option for those seeking home-style cooking. This classic diner serves a range of American dishes, from juicy burgers to fried chicken, all in a friendly and casual atmosphere.

If you're looking for a quick bite or a place to satisfy your sweet tooth, Buttercups Bakery is a delightful stop. This small-town bakery offers a variety of baked goods, from fresh bread to beautifully crafted cupcakes and pastries.

While Fairview may not have the vast dining scene of a large city, its selection of restaurants offers something for everyone, whether you're craving home-cooked comfort food, spicy Mexican dishes, or a slice of hand-tossed pizza. The town's dining options are sure to delight food lovers of all kinds.

Shopping and Entertainment

Fairview, TN, might be a small town, but it offers a range of shopping and entertainment options for residents and visitors alike. The town provides a mix of local businesses and nationally recognized chains for a balanced shopping experience.

In terms of shopping, Fairview's Town Center hosts several shops, including grocery stores, boutiques, and a variety of retail stores. For more extensive shopping options, the nearby city of Franklin and Nashville offer a wide range of stores from high-end boutiques to large shopping malls.

Fairview is also home to several antique and consignment shops, where you can find unique and vintage items. Places like Fairview Pickers and the Curious Peddler Antique Mall are worth a visit if you're looking for one-of-a-kind pieces or enjoy hunting for hidden treasures.

When it comes to entertainment, the outdoor activities in and around Fairview are plentiful. The town's crown jewel is the Bowie Nature Park, which spans over 700 acres and includes numerous hiking trails, picnic areas, and even a nature center. It's a great spot for families, nature lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

For indoor entertainment, Fairview has a modern public library that hosts a range of activities and events for all ages. The city also holds several annual events and festivals, such as the Fairview Nature Fest, which offers music, food, and fun for the whole family.

While Fairview might not have the expansive entertainment scene of a larger city, its mix of shopping options, outdoor activities, and community events provide plenty of enjoyment for its residents. Whether you prefer a quiet day in the park or a day of shopping and exploring local businesses, Fairview offers a variety of experiences to suit different tastes.

Parks and Nature

Fairview, TN, is home to some fantastic parks and natural areas, offering residents and visitors ample opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors.

Bowie Nature Park, Fairview's most notable natural attraction, is an expansive 700-acre park filled with forests, lakes, and over 17 miles of trails. Whether you're an avid hiker, a casual walker, or a cyclist, Bowie's trails provide a fantastic setting for outdoor activities. There's also a Nature Center with various exhibits and educational programs, making the park a great place for family outings. And with picnic areas and playgrounds, it's the perfect spot for a leisurely afternoon.

Veterans Memorial Park is another community favorite. This park includes a playground, ball fields, and walking trails, making it a popular spot for recreational activities and community sports. It's also home to the Fairview Skate Park, a hit with local skateboarders and rollerbladers.

For water lovers, the nearby Montgomery Bell State Park, just a short drive away, offers fishing, boating, and swimming in its three beautiful lakes. Hiking trails and camping sites are also available for those who want to immerse themselves in nature overnight.

Just slightly further afield, the Natchez Trace Parkway is a 444-mile road that winds its way through beautiful scenery and historic sites. Its northern terminus is just a short drive from Fairview, and it offers more opportunities for hiking, biking, horseback riding, and picnicking.

Fairview's natural spaces are a major part of life here, providing not only beauty and relaxation but also opportunities for active outdoor pursuits. These parks and natural attractions truly enhance the quality of life for the residents of this charming Tennessee town.

Business and Industry

The economic landscape of Fairview, TN, is an interesting mix of local businesses, retail establishments, and services that support the town's residents. As part of Williamson County, one of the fastest-growing and affluent counties in Tennessee, Fairview also benefits from the robust economic growth in the region.

Retail and service-based businesses make up a significant part of Fairview's local economy. From grocery stores and restaurants to healthcare providers and local boutiques, these businesses cater to the daily needs of Fairview's residents. The Fairview Town Center, for example, is home to a range of stores and eateries, serving as a commercial hub for the town.

Healthcare, an important sector in Fairview, is largely supported by the broader Williamson County area. The county is home to numerous healthcare facilities and providers, creating employment opportunities for Fairview residents in this sector. The nearby cities of Franklin and Brentwood also host several major healthcare companies' headquarters, which can be a source of employment for residents willing to commute.

Another significant industry in the area is construction, given the town's ongoing development and growth. This includes residential construction due to the rising demand for homes in and around Fairview, as well as commercial construction to support the town's expanding business community.

While Fairview itself might not host large corporate offices or industrial parks, its proximity to larger cities like Nashville allows residents to commute to jobs in sectors such as finance, technology, and entertainment, among others.

While Fairview maintains its small-town charm, it is poised for future growth. The town's strategic location within Williamson County and near the economic hub of Nashville presents potential opportunities for further economic development and diversification in the years to come.

Airport and Transportation

The town of Fairview, TN, while maintaining its small-town feel, is conveniently located relative to regional transportation options, including both airports and public transit.

For air travel, Fairview is approximately a 45-minute drive from Nashville International Airport (BNA). This major airport offers a wide variety of domestic and international flights, making it an excellent option for Fairview residents who need to travel frequently for business or pleasure. In terms of regional airports, the nearest is the John C. Tune Airport, about 30 minutes away, which primarily serves general aviation traffic.

When it comes to public transportation, Fairview is serviced by the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), which provides commuter bus services to and from Nashville. The RTA's 774 buses operate on weekdays and provide a convenient and eco-friendly option for commuters working in Nashville's downtown area. In addition to the bus service, Fairview residents can take advantage of the vanpool services offered by VanStar, another regional transit initiative.

Locally within Fairview, transportation is typically car-centric given its semi-rural nature. The town is intersected by State Route 100 and State Route 96, which provide easy road access to neighboring cities and towns. Bike lanes and pedestrian-friendly sidewalks are present in some parts of the town, but their coverage is not extensive.

While Fairview may not have as many transportation options as larger cities, its strategic location and the services provided by the RTA make it possible for residents to commute and travel efficiently. These transport links connect Fairview to the greater Middle Tennessee region and beyond.


Fairview, Tennessee, experiences a four-season climate typical of the Southeastern United States. The weather is characterized by hot, humid summers and generally mild winters, punctuated by the transitional seasons of spring and fall.

Summer in Fairview, which runs from June through August, is usually warm and humid, with high temperatures typically in the upper 80s to low 90s degrees Fahrenheit. This is also when the town gets most of its rainfall, so summer storms are quite common. Despite the heat and humidity, summer is a great time to take advantage of Fairview's parks and outdoor amenities, with plenty of sunshine-filled days.

The fall season, from September to November, is particularly lovely in Fairview. As the summer heat eases, temperatures become milder, with highs typically in the 70s in September, gradually falling to the 50s by November. This is the time when the leaves begin to change color, offering beautiful fall foliage.

Winters in Fairview, from December through February, are generally mild, with highs usually in the 40s and 50s degrees Fahrenheit. While the town does experience occasional snowfall, it's usually light and doesn't last long. Winter is typically the driest season, though precipitation can still occur in the form of rain or, less commonly, snow and ice.

Spring, which spans March through May, is a season of renewal. The weather gradually warms, with temperatures ranging from the 60s to 70s. This is also when flowers start to bloom, painting the town in vibrant colors. Spring can bring its share of rainfall, but it's generally less heavy than the summer months.

Weather in Fairview can vary, so it's always a good idea to check the forecast when planning outdoor activities. Regardless of the season, the town offers plenty of indoor and outdoor attractions to enjoy throughout the year.

Private and Public Schools

Fairview, TN, is part of the highly respected Williamson County School District, which consistently ranks as one of the top districts in the state. For families with school-aged children, the educational options available in Fairview are an important consideration.

The public schools in Fairview are well-regarded for their strong academic programs and dedicated staff. Fairview Elementary, Westwood Elementary, and Fairview Middle School serve the town's younger students, providing a solid academic foundation. Fairview High School, known for its comprehensive academic and extracurricular programs, offers a range of advanced placement courses and vocational programs. The school's athletic teams, the Yellow Jackets, also enjoy strong community support.

In addition to the public schools, Fairview has a few private school options in and around the area. The Montessori School of Franklin offers an alternative educational approach for children aged 18 months to 14 years. For those seeking a faith-based education, the nearby Brentwood and Franklin areas host several private Christian schools serving a range of grades.

One of the key advantages of Fairview's location is the accessibility to a number of prestigious universities and colleges within commuting distance, including Vanderbilt University, Belmont University, and Middle Tennessee State University. This provides great opportunities for high school graduates seeking higher education.

Fairview presents a well-rounded educational environment with a commitment to student success. Its strong public school system, complemented by nearby private school options, offers families a variety of choices to meet their children's educational needs.


Fairview, Tennessee, has a rich history that contributes to the town's unique charm and character. Located in Williamson County, Fairview was originally inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Chickasaw and the Choctaw, before European settlers arrived.

European settlers, largely of Scots-Irish and English descent, began to arrive in the area in the late 1700s and early 1800s. The town was originally known as Jingo, and then later as Westview. The name was finally changed to Fairview in the early 1900s, possibly to reflect the town's scenic beauty.

One of Fairview's most notable historic features is the Bowie Nature Park. This vast park was donated to the city by Dr. Evangeline Bowie in the late 1980s. Dr. Bowie and her husband, Dr. Robert Bowie, had purchased the land in the 1950s, where they worked on their vision of creating a nature preserve to protect the area's unique ecosystem.

The park is named after Dr. Bowie and is a testament to her environmental conservation efforts. Today, it serves as a treasured part of Fairview's community, offering residents and visitors a place to enjoy the area's natural beauty and learn about its ecological significance.

Another significant part of Fairview's history is its agricultural roots. The town was once a center for farming and agriculture, a heritage still reflected today in the area's rolling farmland and preserved barns.

While Fairview has grown and developed over the years, it has maintained its small-town charm and connection to its history. The town's past continues to shape its present, contributing to the sense of community and pride among its residents.

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