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Why Spring Hill, TN Could be Your Next Home: A Newcomer's Guide

Updated: Jun 1

Why Spring Hill, TN Could be Your Next Home: A Newcomer's Guide

Housing Market

The Spring Hill, Tennessee housing market is a thriving and diverse one, offering a variety of home types to cater to different needs and budgets. It's an inviting market, particularly attractive for families, retirees, and individuals who appreciate a suburban lifestyle with easy access to both rural and urban amenities.

Single-family homes make up a significant portion of the housing market in Spring Hill, ranging from charming, well-maintained older homes to newly constructed residences in emerging developments. The architecture of these homes is varied, featuring traditional ranch-style houses, modern designs, and multi-level properties that can accommodate larger families. Spacious lots and well-kept neighborhoods add to the allure of these homes, with many offering scenic views of the surrounding Tennessee landscape.

The town's booming growth has led to an increase in new construction, with various builders offering customizable floor plans that appeal to a broad audience of homebuyers. These new subdivisions often come equipped with community amenities such as playgrounds, pools, and walking trails, adding to the appeal for families and those seeking active lifestyles.

For those interested in a more maintenance-free lifestyle, Spring Hill also offers a selection of townhouses and condominiums. These properties are often part of larger communities that provide shared amenities such as clubhouses, gyms, and communal outdoor spaces. The townhomes and condos in Spring Hill are an excellent choice for first-time buyers, downsizers, or anyone seeking a more community-centric lifestyle.

Despite its growth, the Spring Hill housing market remains more affordable than many of its metropolitan counterparts. The town's cost of living is reasonable, with housing costs that offer good value, particularly given the high quality of life that residents enjoy.

While the housing market is competitive, the continual development and variety of housing options mean there is something for everyone in Spring Hill. Whether you're looking for a single-family home with room to grow, a new construction tailored to your tastes, or a townhome in a close-knit community, you'll find a wide range of choices in Spring Hill.

Nearby Cities

Adjacent to Spring Hill, you'll find several cities that offer their unique blend of charm, character, and lifestyle, each with its distinct housing market. The neighboring cities of Franklin, Thompson's Station, and Columbia provide a spectrum of opportunities for potential homebuyers.

Just to the north of Spring Hill lies Franklin, a city renowned for its historic appeal blended with modern amenities. The housing market here ranges from beautifully preserved historic homes to modern luxury estates in master-planned communities. Franklin's bustling Main Street, with its shops, restaurants, and music venues, offers an appealing downtown lifestyle, while the city's suburbs provide family-friendly neighborhoods with great schools.

Thompson's Station, directly north of Spring Hill, is a smaller town with a growing housing market. The town has seen significant residential growth over the past few years, with numerous new subdivisions offering a range of housing styles from starter homes to luxury properties. Known for its green spaces and extensive trail systems, Thompson's Station provides a lifestyle that blends convenience with outdoor living, perfect for those who appreciate a small-town feel but want access to larger city amenities.

To the south of Spring Hill, you'll find Columbia, often called the "Mule Capital of the World" due to its historic mule trade and famous annual Mule Day celebration. Columbia's housing market is varied and affordable, with a mix of single-family homes, townhouses, and historic properties. This friendly city offers a relaxed, rural lifestyle, rich in history and local culture.

The lifestyles offered by these cities are just as varied as their housing markets. Franklin's vibrant arts scene, Thompson's Station's focus on community and outdoor activities, and Columbia's historic charm and slower pace of life, each contribute to a diverse range of experiences for residents.

Furthermore, the proximity of these cities to Nashville provides opportunities for work, entertainment, and city amenities, while allowing residents to come home to quieter, suburban or rural settings. Overall, these adjacent cities, each with their unique attributes, enrich the options available to those considering a move to the Spring Hill area

Top Neighborhoods

Spring Hill, Tennessee, is home to a number of appealing residential neighborhoods, each offering a unique living experience. Here are a few of the top neighborhoods in the area that homebuyers should consider.

One of the most popular neighborhoods in Spring Hill is Cherry Grove. This well-established neighborhood offers a mix of traditional and modern homes on generous lots, many with picturesque views. With a strong sense of community, excellent schools in the area, and its location on the eastern side of town, Cherry Grove is an appealing option for families and those seeking a quiet, suburban lifestyle.

Wakefield is another attractive neighborhood in Spring Hill. This expansive community offers a wide variety of homes, from starter homes perfect for first-time buyers to larger homes for growing families. The neighborhood is centered around a large park, offering plenty of green space for residents to enjoy, and is located near several top-rated schools.

For those seeking a more upscale living experience, the Autumn Ridge neighborhood may be the perfect fit. This neighborhood is known for its high-end homes, many of which feature custom designs and luxury amenities. Autumn Ridge is also home to a beautiful community clubhouse and offers easy access to local shopping and dining options.

On the more affordable end of the spectrum is the Haynes Crossing neighborhood, which offers a selection of well-maintained, reasonably priced homes. This community is ideal for those looking to get their foot in the real estate market or for families on a budget.

Then there's Campbell Station, a bustling neighborhood that offers a mix of single-family homes and townhouses. With a prime location near shopping centers, restaurants, and other amenities, Campbell Station offers the convenience of city living in a suburban setting.

These neighborhoods represent just a sample of what Spring Hill has to offer. Each one provides a distinct lifestyle, whether you're seeking the luxury of Autumn Ridge, the affordability of Haynes Crossing, or the community spirit of Cherry Grove. The variety of homes, excellent schools, and range of amenities make Spring Hill a top choice for many homebuyers in Tennessee.

Top Condos & Townhomes

In Spring Hill, Tennessee, several communities offer appealing options for condo and townhome living, catering to a range of tastes, preferences, and budgets.

Among them, the Woodside community stands out. This townhome complex provides residents with spacious, modern homes that offer plenty of amenities. The townhomes in Woodside boast open floor plans, modern kitchens, and private patios, providing a balance of luxury and comfort. Plus, the community's location near the heart of Spring Hill offers convenient access to local shopping, dining, and entertainment venues.

Hardin's Landing is another popular townhome community in Spring Hill. Here, you'll find a range of upscale townhomes that cater to those seeking a low-maintenance lifestyle without compromising on space or style. The community features a variety of floor plans, many with high-end finishes and private garages. Hardin's Landing also offers quick access to local schools, parks, and other amenities.

Hardin's Landing
Hardin's Landing

For those seeking a more upscale townhome experience, Shirebrook is worth a look. This community offers luxury townhomes with high-quality finishes, including granite countertops, hardwood floors, and stainless steel appliances. Shirebrook residents can also take advantage of the community's shared amenities, like the fitness center and outdoor pool.

Meadowbrook, on the other hand, offers affordable townhome options in Spring Hill. The units in this community feature open layouts, attached garages, and private outdoor spaces. Meadowbrook is an excellent choice for first-time homebuyers or those seeking an affordable entry into the Spring Hill real estate market.

Lastly, the Hamptons at Campbell Station offer stylish townhomes with a variety of floor plans. This community is designed with convenience in mind, offering maintenance-free living and easy access to shopping, dining, and major highways.

Each of these communities in Spring Hill offers a unique living experience and a host of amenities, making them excellent choices for those seeking condo or townhome living. Whether you're drawn to the modern homes of Woodside, the upscale offerings of Shirebrook, or the affordability of Meadowbrook, there's a townhome community in Spring Hill to fit your lifestyle.

Cost of Living

Comparatively, Spring Hill, Tennessee offers an appealing cost of living, especially when compared to larger metropolitan areas and other parts of the United States. The overall cost of living in Spring Hill is slightly below the national average, making it an attractive option for those looking for affordability without sacrificing quality of life.

Housing costs are one of the most significant contributors to the cost of living, and in Spring Hill, these are reasonably affordable compared to other regions. Whether you're in the market for a single-family home, a townhome, or a condo, you'll likely find that your money goes further in Spring Hill compared to cities like Nashville, Atlanta, or Dallas.

Groceries, healthcare, and utility costs in Spring Hill also tend to fall below or hover around the national average. Residents can enjoy a variety of local and chain grocery options, with prices that are competitive with those in larger metro areas. Likewise, healthcare services in the area are both high-quality and reasonably priced.

However, it's worth noting that transportation costs in Spring Hill can be slightly higher than the national average, given the community's suburban nature and dependence on personal vehicles. Public transportation options are limited, so most residents rely on their own vehicles for commuting and daily errands, which can lead to higher costs for gas and vehicle maintenance.

Despite this, the overall affordability of Spring Hill remains one of its major draws. For families, retirees, and professionals looking for a balance between cost, lifestyle, and access to amenities, Spring Hill offers a compelling option. Compared to larger cities and other regions in the U.S., Spring Hill's cost of living reflects its status as a growing suburban community that provides its residents with a high quality of life at a manageable cost.

Restaurants and Dining

In Spring Hill, Tennessee, the dining scene is a charming blend of local eateries, national chains, and specialty food spots. This variety ensures that whether you're craving comfort food, international flavors, or a gourmet experience, you'll find something to whet your appetite.

One must-try local establishment is Delta Bound, a southern comfort food restaurant known for its delicious dishes inspired by Mississippi Delta cuisine. From shrimp po' boys to fried green tomatoes, Delta Bound offers an authentic Southern dining experience that's hard to beat.

For those with a taste for Italian, Olive Garden offers a well-known array of pasta dishes, salads, and breadsticks. If you're in the mood for a more locally-rooted Italian experience, you can't go wrong with Nelly's Italian Cafe. It's a favorite among locals for its tasty pizzas, fresh pasta, and cozy atmosphere.

Nelly's Italian Cafe
Nelly's Italian Cafe

If Asian cuisine is what you're after, Sakura Japanese Sushi is a beloved local sushi spot that offers an extensive menu of sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese favorites. For Thai food lovers, Thai Phooket III brings authentic Thai dishes to Spring Hill, with everything from savory Pad Thai to rich, aromatic curry dishes.

But let's not forget about breakfast and brunch. The Fainting Goat Coffee offers not only artisanal coffee but also a selection of breakfast and lunch options. With a warm and inviting atmosphere, it's a great spot to start your day or catch up with friends over a delicious meal.

And for those days when only a juicy burger will do, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers has you covered. Their varied menu offers a wide range of burger options, plus a solid selection of other dishes to ensure there's something for everyone.

Shopping and Entertainment

Spring Hill, Tennessee, offers a mix of local and national shopping and entertainment options that cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. From charming boutiques to movie theaters and outdoor activities, there's something for everyone.

When it comes to shopping, the Crossings of Spring Hill is a popular destination. This open-air shopping center boasts a range of retail stores, including big-name brands like Target, Kohl's, and Bed Bath & Beyond, as well as numerous restaurants. For a more locally flavored shopping experience, you might explore some of Spring Hill's unique boutiques. For example, Vintage 615 offers a delightful selection of home decor, clothing, and unique gifts, providing an eclectic shopping experience you won't find at larger retail outlets.

Entertainment-wise, the AMC Classic Spring Hill movie theater provides the latest Hollywood blockbusters for film enthusiasts. But if live performances are more your speed, the Spring Hill Arts Center regularly puts on theater productions, concerts, and art shows, providing cultural enrichment right in the heart of town.

For outdoor lovers, Spring Hill offers ample opportunities for recreation. The city is home to several parks, like Port Royal State Park and Harvey Park, which are ideal for hiking, picnicking, or just enjoying a beautiful Tennessee day. If golf is your game, the Kings Creek Golf Club offers a challenging course with stunning views.

And let's not forget about the annual Spring Hill Country Ham Festival. This event brings together the community for a day of live music, crafts, and, of course, delicious country ham. It's a highlight of the local entertainment calendar and a must-visit for both residents and visitors.

Whether you're a shopper, a movie buff, an outdoor enthusiast, or a lover of local events, Spring Hill has entertainment and shopping options to keep you engaged and entertained.

Parks and Nature

In Spring Hill, Tennessee, you're never far from the great outdoors. The city's parks and natural areas offer a wide variety of options for outdoor recreation, allowing residents and visitors alike to enjoy the area's scenic beauty throughout the year.

Port Royal State Park is one of the highlights. This historic park is not only rich in early American history but is also a great spot for hiking and picnicking. The park is home to several trails that wind their way through the lush Tennessee countryside, offering stunning views and a chance to spot local wildlife. The park's historic buildings and interpretive signs add an educational element to any visit.

Harvey Park, in the heart of Spring Hill, is another popular outdoor destination. It offers a wide variety of amenities including a playground, walking trails, basketball courts, and picnic pavilions. It's a great spot for families, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone looking to spend a relaxing afternoon outdoors.

For golf enthusiasts, King's Creek Golf Club offers a challenging course set amidst rolling hills and beautiful natural scenery. The course is well-maintained and offers a variety of challenges, making it a favorite destination for local golfers.

McLemore House Museum’s Community Garden is another beautiful outdoor area in Spring Hill. This community garden is not only a place to grow fresh produce but is also a place where residents can connect with nature and each other.

Last but not least, for those who enjoy fishing, Rippavilla Plantation has a well-stocked pond. Surrounded by the scenic beauty of this historic plantation, it's a peaceful spot to cast a line and relax.

Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or just someone who enjoys the occasional picnic or walk in the park, Spring Hill's parks and natural areas offer something for everyone.

Business and Industry

The economic landscape of Spring Hill, Tennessee, is marked by a diverse range of businesses and industries. Among the town's largest employers are major automotive manufacturers, healthcare providers, and retail giants, all contributing to a thriving local economy.

At the top of the list is General Motors. Their Spring Hill manufacturing facility is one of the most flexible in the world and is a major player in the local economy. It produces a variety of vehicles, engines, and car parts, providing numerous jobs to residents. This facility's presence has also led to a number of suppliers and related businesses setting up operations in the area, further boosting the local economy.

Healthcare is another vital industry in Spring Hill. Maury Regional Medical Center, one of the leading providers in the region, operates a Spring Hill branch that provides a wide range of medical services. The presence of several other clinics and healthcare providers ensures that this industry is a significant employer and contributor to the local economy.

Retail also plays a big role in Spring Hill’s economy. The Crossings of Spring Hill, a large outdoor shopping center, is home to many national and local retailers. These businesses not only provide local jobs but also contribute to the city's tax base.

Education is another key sector in Spring Hill. Williamson County and Maury County school districts are major employers in the area. There's also a selection of private schools that contribute to the education sector's significance in Spring Hill.

Finally, the service sector, including everything from restaurants to personal services to home improvement businesses, is a vibrant part of Spring Hill's economy. These businesses, while often smaller in scale, are essential to meeting the everyday needs of residents and contributing to the city's overall economic health.

In short, the business and industry scene in Spring Hill is both diverse and dynamic, providing a strong economic base for the city.

Airport and Transportation

When it comes to transportation, residents of Spring Hill, Tennessee, have several convenient options. Whether you're traveling by air or looking for local public transportation, Spring Hill offers accessibility to both.

If you need to catch a flight, the closest major airport to Spring Hill is Nashville International Airport (BNA), which is approximately 45 miles away. Depending on traffic, the drive usually takes around 50-60 minutes. Nashville International Airport is served by a wide variety of airlines, offering flights to numerous destinations around the country and internationally. This makes it a convenient hub for residents who frequently travel for work or pleasure.

For those looking to navigate locally or commute to nearby cities like Franklin and Nashville, there are several public transportation options. While Spring Hill doesn't have its own public transit system, it's served by the nearby Franklin Transit Authority. The commuter routes, known as the "TMA Express", provide weekday transit to and from Nashville and Franklin.

Alternatively, many residents choose to commute by car, given that Spring Hill sits conveniently near Interstate 65, making both northbound and southbound travel easy. The city is known for its ease of navigation, and several major highways pass through the area, providing straightforward routes to nearby towns and cities.

Rideshare services, like Uber and Lyft, also operate in the area, providing another transportation option. These services are particularly handy for those who don't drive or prefer not to navigate traffic themselves.

In short, whether by air or on the ground, Spring Hill residents have access to a range of transportation options that make getting around both locally and further afield a breeze.


Spring Hill, Tennessee, enjoys a moderate climate characterized by four distinct seasons, each with its own charm and character. The city's weather can best be described as a mix of Southern warmth with just a hint of Midwestern chill, making it a pleasant place to live year-round.

Spring in Spring Hill, as in many parts of Tennessee, is particularly beautiful. The season typically runs from March through May, and during this time, residents enjoy mild temperatures averaging in the 60s and 70s, with lows in the 40s and 50s. It's the perfect time to witness the local flora come to life, with trees budding and flowers blooming all around town.

Summer, which extends from June through August, brings the heat, with highs often climbing into the upper 80s and lower 90s. It's a fantastic time for outdoor activities like picnicking in the park, going for a swim, or attending one of the city's many summer events. Evenings are generally cooler, making them perfect for backyard barbecues or strolls around town.

Fall brings a beautiful display of changing leaves and cooler temperatures. Running from September through November, this season sees highs in the 70s and 60s, eventually dropping to the 50s as winter approaches. It's a wonderful time for hiking or simply enjoying the stunning fall foliage.

Winter in Spring Hill, lasting from December through February, can be a bit chillier, with temperatures usually in the 40s and 50s during the day and dropping into the 30s at night. While the city does see some snowfall, it's usually light and doesn't last long.

Whether you're a fan of warm summers, vibrant springs, colorful autumns, or cozy winters, Spring Hill's climate offers something for everyone. No matter the season, there's always something to enjoy in this welcoming Tennessee city.

Private and Public Schools

Education in Spring Hill, Tennessee, is well-regarded, with a mix of top-notch public and private schools available to residents. These institutions strive to provide high-quality education and diverse opportunities for students, helping them to excel both acadically and personally.

On the public school side, Spring Hill is divided between two school districts: Maury County Public Schools and Williamson County Schools. Several excellent schools serve the city within these districts. Spring Hill High School, part of Maury County Public Schools, is known for its strong academic and athletic programs. Longview Elementary and Heritage Elementary are also popular choices among residents for their commitment to student achievement and nurturing learning environments.

Williamson County Schools, renowned as one of the best school districts in the state, serves the other portion of Spring Hill. It boasts top-ranking schools like Allendale Elementary School, Spring Station Middle School, and Summit High School. These schools are recognized for their high academic standards, comprehensive curriculum, and dedication to fostering a supportive community for students.

In terms of private education, there are several options within a short drive of Spring Hill. For instance, The King's Daughters' School offers a unique educational experience for children with developmental disabilities, and Zion Christian Academy, just south in Columbia, offers a faith-based curriculum for students from kindergarten through high school.

Benton Hall Academy in nearby Franklin offers a supportive environment for students with learning differences. These private institutions cater to a range of learning styles and educational needs, ensuring that families can find a school that's the right fit for their children.

All in all, whether you're considering public or private education, Spring Hill offers an array of quality schools committed to the success and growth of their students.


Spring Hill, Tennessee, is a city steeped in rich history and tradition. Established in 1809, the city has been witness to many significant events in America's past. Over time, it has evolved from a quiet farming town to a rapidly growing community while still retaining its historical charm.

One of the most notable historical events that occurred in Spring Hill is the Battle of Spring Hill during the Civil War. This conflict took place on November 29, 1864, and was a prelude to the Battle of Franklin. Despite the Confederate forces outnumbering the Union army, a series of miscommunications and delays led to the Union troops escaping virtually unscathed. Today, visitors can explore the preserved battlefield and learn more about this pivotal event at the Spring Hill Battlefield Park.

Another significant milestone in Spring Hill's history was the establishment of the Saturn Corporation by General Motors in 1985. The Saturn car brand was an entirely new approach to the way cars were designed, manufactured, and sold in America. The plant became a major employer in the region and had a substantial impact on Spring Hill's economy and growth. While the Saturn brand was discontinued in 2010, the plant is still operational under General Motors and continues to be a major economic driving force.

Also, worth noting is the historic Rippavilla Plantation. Built in the early 1850s, this beautiful Greek Revival mansion has stood the test of time and offers a glimpse into the antebellum South. Now a museum, visitors can tour the mansion and the sprawling property, participate in various events, and learn about life in the mid-19th century.

From its early days as a farming community to its modern status as a growing city, Spring Hill's history is a testament to its resilience and adaptability. As it continues to grow and evolve, the city remains deeply connected to its past, ensuring that its rich history is preserved for future generations.

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